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Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside with Colin & Faye

  Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside  

We ventured to Bure Valley Railway where we boarded a steam train that took us from Aylsham to Wroxham. The scenery was beautiful and everyone enjoyed waving to the passers-by. Once at Wroxham we took the opportunity to meet the driver and had a photo or two next to the huge engine!

We visited the Wroxham Miniature Worlds, the largest indoor modelling attraction in the UK stretching over 10,000 square feet with some of the largest model railways in the world. There was so much to see, including slot car displays, a whole city made from Lego bricks, model boat displays and a host of toys from across the decades! 

Sailing day! We excitedly got kitted out before taking to the water. On board we took it in turns to steer the boat whilst others helped to manoeuvre the sails as we turned into the wind. Perfect team work!

Back on the water, but this time in a double canoe and a safety boat. We got off to a hairy start and laughed our way out of some reeds but once we had worked out how to steer our canoe we were off. 

On board the large cruiser, we took it in turns to steer the boat and found that some of us were very good at it! During the journey we looked out for the splendid wildlife that comes with this part of the country and spotted lots of Marsh Harriers as well as an assortment of geese.

In Great Yarmouth we had a lovely afternoon of ice-creams, doughnut and arcade machines! The sun even made an appearance as we walked along the promenade and up to the pier! We had great fun taking in the sights, seeing the donkeys on the beach

We went to the Hippodrome Circus for an evening performance of Pirates Live! We all hollered as Captain Jack Hawkseye and Pirate Jonny took us on a journey to a faraway island that housed all sort of perils. We had a wonderful night!

At the Farmyard we had great fun feeding the various animals, particularly the greedy goats and the Shetland ponies! We also loved seeing the newly born piglets and lambs and were very brave in the “petting area” when we took it in turns to hold a baby chick and a guinea pig.

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