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Las Vegas, Live Shows & Grand Canyon with Colin, John & Ase

  Las Vegas, Live Shows & Grand Canyon  

After arriving in Vegas we headed to the “Paris” hotel, located right in the middle of the strip. After unpacking and freshening up it was straight off to stroll down the strip. 

We spent time exploring the hotels, all of which have amazing themes and attractions open to all. We went to the “Venice” hotel first where most of the group experienced going on a Gondola for the first time and then it was “Caesars Palace” where we saw the Atlantis fire and water show. 

 On arrival at the Grand Canyon you have to get a bus to take you to the best viewing points as the area is owned and operated by the Hualapai Indian tribe. The views, 4000 ft above the Colorado River are incredible. Whilst we were there we saw huts and tepee’s used by the Indians in days gone by and most bought  T Shirts or a souvenir from the shop that is run by the Indians. 

We visited the incredible Hoover Dam which took 5 years to construct in the early 1930’s was an incredible fete of engineering. Over 100 men lost their lives during the construction and by taming the Colorado River it supplies electricity to over 20 million people.

One evening was spent visiting Fremont Street. This area was developed back in 1905 when Las Vegas was founded. It has some of the oldest Casinos in Vegas, such as the first Casino built in 1946, the “Golden Nugget”. The area is very popular attraction at night with its street performers, overhead light shows and zip wire ride that travels the length of the road. 

We enjoyed spending some time cooling off at our Hotels swimming pool.

Our first Las Vegas show was at “Bally’s”. We watched a group called the “Bronx Wanderers”, a family group from New York who performed songs by Frankie Valli, Billy Joel, Queen and many more.  Another evening we went the “Flamingo” hotel for our second show. The “Legends Show” featured Aretha Franklin, Sting, a young Michael Jackson and of course Elvis!  

We went to a very large shop selling just about everything Vegas has to offer. Everyone was happy to find something that suited their budget.  We then returned to our hotel and a few of the group decided to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, a half scale replica of the tower in Paris, France where they got a 360 degree view of Las Vegas. 

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