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Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country with John & Candy

Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country

We were ready to go visit “The Woolpack” pub in Esholt. In the village square there was a market and we wandered amongst the stolls before setting off to the original Emmerdale pub. We all loved it and enjoyed talking about Emmerdale episodes over a drink. 

 We went to the “Carding Shed” in Jackson Bridge, where we had a look at the beautiful vintage cars, motorbikes and bicycles. Then we went to Holmfirth and visited “Sid’s cafe” where we had photographs taken next to the pictures of the cast.

We boarded on a vintage bus that took us around the town and the countryside where all the different scenes were filmed.

In Aysgarth Falls in the Dales, we had a picnic in the sun by the side of the river. For dessert we had Betty’s famous scones with jam and cream. 

At the Wensleydale Creamery we watched a demonstration of cheese making and tasted all the different cheeses. Yummy!

We headed off to the coast and Whitby, where we drove to the abbey and saw the harbour area and the whalebone arch that commemorates Whitby's historic link with the whaling industry.

 Another day we visited the amazing National Railway Museum in York.

In Ripon we saw the horn blower in the square performing a ritual which has been going for hundreds of years. 

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