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Mediterranean Cruise Adventure with Steve, Michaela & Pat

Mediterranean Cruise Adventure

We were all very excited to be boarding onto the ship and to explore all the restaurants, shops and bars. 

On board we spent hours swimming in the pool and relaxing on the sun loungers soaking up some of the beautiful sunshine.

We loved waking up finding ourself in a different country most mornings from Spain to Italy then Croatia. Rome was one of our favourite historical stops. We were amazed of the size of the Piazza Venezia and the beautiful sculpture of the fountain of the Four Rivers. We walked the narrows streets sampling some of the local delights and shopping in the myriad of gift shops on offer. 

In the evening we saw some spectacular shows where we sang and danced the night away. We also had a fantastic team of waiters who look after us every night, we had meals fit for kings!

 The scenery and the weather was absolutely stunning all the way. We all agreed it as been a truly amazing holiday and we all have fantastic memories to take home!

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