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Peak District Walks with Adrian, Steve & Michaela

Our journey was well worth it as we arrived at our luxurious lodge set amongst huge pine trees in the Darwin Country Park. It was a truly beautiful spot.   The first morning we awoke to find we were not alone! The lodge was surrounded by the local wildlife including a cheeky squirrel that we named Cedric. He joined us for breakfast along with all the birds, so a trip to the pet shop for nuts and seed was planned. We went on a beautiful 4 mile walk and everybody enjoyed the wildlife that we came across along the way.
We spent a whole day at Chatsworth House and gardens which was a fun day, with a lovely picnic in the grounds. We spent the afternoon in the house where we saw the bed that King George 4th actually slept in!   We had a great time walking in the gardens spotting all the different birds and smelling and identifying all the different herbs grown in the kitchen garden. We completed the day by a visit to the Chatsworth farm shop to get supplies for a barbeque!
On one day we planned a high peak walk. Firstly we headed to the beautiful town of Buxton where we had a wander around the market for a spot of shopping for presents and souvenirs. From Buxton we headed to the village of Bollington where we started the high peak walk to White Nancy. The walk offered some of the most spectacular views in the Peak District. Along the route we came across a farm where we chatted with the farmer who kindly sold us some Duck and Goose eggs.
On another day we all set off to the Criche tramway village where we spent the majority of the day riding on trams and enjoying the many delights that Criche has to offer. There were many vintage trams, some horse drawn but mainly motorised. They were in fantastic condition. We visited the workshop where they maintain the vintage trams. We were lucky enough to nip into the olde fashion sweet shop and stocked up for a feast.  Later in the day we visited the ten pin bowling alley where we all had a fantastic time.  It was a cracker of a holiday loved by everyone! 

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