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Butlins, Fun & Dancing with Netty & Leo (Skegness)

Butlins, Fun & Dancing 

 The friendly RedCoats always greeted us with a cheerful smile. We loved bumping in to them as we walked around the grounds or on the dance floor, showing them our great dance moves.

 We enjoyed all the fun of the fair! We managed to go on most of the rides and especially loved crashing into each other on the Bumper Cars and the riding the very elegant Carousel. 

We even tried our luck in the arcades on the 2p machines. 
 We headed to the seaside town of Skegness for a walk along the beach in the glorious spring sunshine. We admired the beautiful beach with golden, soft sand. We almost had the beach all to ourselves. We couldn’t come to the beach and not have an ice cream! 

 We couldn’t wait for the live evening shows. The dancing queen’s amongst us were so excited for the ABBA tribute! The costumes were bright and colourful and it matched the lively performance! We sang our hearts out throughout the whole show! We also loved the incredible tribute to the pop sensation Little Mix.  They sang our favourite songs and their dance routines were slick and energetic. 


 It was game on as we hit the bowling alley. We split into 2 teams, girls vs boys. It was a close game and everyone scored highly! Sam was the winner for the boys and Rachel, was the winner for the girls. We had great fun cheering each other on! 

Great fun was had exploring all the fun Butlins paraphernalia. We couldn't resist a photo opportunity.   

 The sun was shining and it was the perfect day for a spot of crazy golf. What fun we all had as we tackled the challenging, but fun course. We all tried our best at getting the winning shot, a hole in one! 

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