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Attractions of Blackpool with Midi & Netty

Attractions of Blackpool

Our first stop was to admire the most famous landmarks in Blackpool, The Blackpool Tower. It really is an impressive sight. We blew away the cobwebs with a walk along the promenade taking in the views.

A birthday treat for our special birthday girl Anne. We were definitely going to be spoiling her! 

A trip to Madam Tussauds Museum was a must and we got up close and personal with some famous faces from TV, film and music. Everyone enjoyed taking silly photos with their favourite stars and the most popular seemed to be the Beatles and Ant & Dec. 

We even got to meet the Royal Family!

We visited the bright lights of Blackpool driving down the long, straight road where there was over 3 miles worth of stunning, twinkling lights. Wow! We saw an illuminated tram that had been decorated to look like a boat. We had never seen anything like it before.

 Off to the City of Liverpool and our first stop 
was the Albert Docks as we watched the many expensive boats come and go. We took photos under the impressive ‘Liverpool Mountain’ which consists of vertically stacked rocks painted in bright, fluorescent colours and saw the famous love locks. 

The grounds at Ribby Hall are stunning and we were so lucky to be able to visit the animals they keep here. We saw a 30 stone pig who had started life as a micro pig but she just got larger and larger! Apparently when she first arrived at the farm she had weighed a whopping 60 stone and has been on a diet for the last 2 years! The wallabies were our favourite and their babies were so cute!  

We couldn't wait to 
climb the infamous Blackpool Tower. The tower measures a staggering 519 feet and is over 100 years old and takes 7 years to paint. We all made it to the top of the tower and feeling very brave we stood on the glass platform and saw all the people on the pavement below! They looked very small indeed. The views were amazing and we could see for miles. 

The excitement grew as we entered the incredible Blackpool Ballroom. The whole room was magical from the wood panelling to the amazing paintings on the ceiling. We sat down to enjoy a delectable cream tea lunch, with vintage crockery, as we listened to the dulcet tones of the organ. The other visitors made the most of the sprung dance floor as they glided around in time to the music. We soon took to the floor and pretended we were on the famous TV show, Strictly Come Dancing. 

 All aboard The Cumbrian Mountain Express, a diesel & steam engine. It was a spectacular sight as this old engine pulled into the station with the station master blowing his whistle. The journey took us to Haverthwaite, around the lake and through the beautiful woodland areas and we got to see a spectacular waterfall.  

We set off to Lake Windermere, the longest lake in the country. Here, we eagerly boarded the steam powered boat which was built in 1891. We enjoyed the running commentary about the history of the lake and also the marvelled at the stunning scenery along the way. 

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