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Painting & Drawing in France with Roger & Paola

  Painting & Drawing in France  

The Science and History Centre at La Coupole was a dedicated reminder of the history of the region during both World Wars. The exhibition was remarkable and very fascinating. We agreed going to La Coupole Science and History Centre was definitely worth the trip. 


We took a leisurely walk along the seaside promenade at Hardelot. Kite surfers were the main attraction and we watched as they made good use of the very blustery coastal winds. It was a beautiful spot with the pastel coloured beach huts set against golden sands. The miles of sandy beaches were idyllic in the early autumn sunshine. 

Once settled, the group were given their first art project, a still life. With great care, the art teacher guided the group on how to approach their task, showing them how basic shapes needed to be placed before the details could begin. It was very interesting and everyone was amazed at what they achieved on their first lesson.

 On our second lesson the group was told that they were going to draw and paint a picture of a seal on a beach. Everyone felt more confident with this challenge having already had one lesson in the studio. As before, our teacher was a wonderful and paintings began to emerge from blank canvases. Everyone agreed that this second attempt at using acrylic was much easier than the first. Everyone was very proud of their art work and so they should be! 

We took a tour of the local chocolate factory and watched a demonstration of the chocolate making process. The smells in the chocolate kitchen was simply delicious and we were surrounded by melted chocolate of every variety. Of course, the best part was being given taster samples.

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