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The Home of ABBA, Stockholm with Steve, Michaela & Åse

  The Home of ABBA, Stockholm  
ABBA The Museum was more than an ordinary museum.
We were transported back in time to the days when ABBA ruled the pop scene. During our private tour we saw the legendary stage costumes, sang along to ABBA hits in the song booths and experience the 3D avatars. The 80’s disco had a lighted glass dance floor and we all danced until we could dance no more. 

We looked at all the gold records and original gadgets, memorabilia and much more. 

At the port we boarded a boat for a guided tour of the city by water. The boat took us to Drottningholm, where we went ashore and visited the castle belonging to the King of Sweden. We walked the corridors of the beautiful castle where many kings and queens had walked for centuries before. 

 Another day we took an open air bus across the city to the Ericsson Globe. Here we went on the Skyview ride; where we went into a glass dome that goes up and over the stadium to a height of 180 metres. At the top we could see the whole of Stockholm!

We all truly enjoyed visiting the beautiful city of Stockholm. The scenery and architecture was spectacular.

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