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Lake District Activity Centre with Darren & Faye

Lake District Activity Centre

We collected our wellies and waterproofs and drove through the beautiful countryside to Rydal water. Once we had parked the minibus, we worked as a team to unload the equipment and tie the canoes together at the water’s edge. The views were breathtaking as we set sail across the lake. 

We ended our amazing day around the camp fire roasting marshmallows.

Another day, we visted the Yordas Cave and explored the large cavern and marvelled at the wonderful natural sights. Our instructor gave a lot of information about the history of the caves and explained how the stalagmites and stalactites had been formed over millions of years. 

We had great fun on the wall climbing.  After a basic practice everyone surpassed their own expectations, overcame fears and all made it to the top of the wall. 

At the art studio, we painted our slates that we collected from our canoe day and designed some amazing patterns. We also took part in an exciting pottery session and had great fun manipulating the clay and creating designs to take home.

We tackled the rope course which was a real challenge, but everyone did brilliantly. We then slid down the snake tube and played archery. The instructor divided us into two teams and decided to pin balloons onto the target board to see who the best archer was. 

At the end of the week, we had a chance to talk about our favourite activities and what we had achieved during our stay. Each one of us was presented with a certificate showing the activities we had done and our individual commendations.

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