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Farm Experience & Zoo with Phil, Tini & Isobel

  Farm Experience & Zoo  

We were all eager to go to Colchester Zoo. We saw many different types of animals and even managed to stroke a few while we were there. Before heading home we went into the souvenir shop where everyone bought a few special gifts to take home with them. 

 We even got the chance to feed the hungry elephants and the lovely giraffes. This was an amazing experience for us all!

What a fantastic day we had at the farm. We hand fed lots of adult & baby goats, along with ponies and a lama. We also fed ducks, geese, turkeys and picked up fresh chicken eggs. 

We were introduced to lovely Jersey cows. Everyone gave them a stroke and some food, whilst farmer  explained what it is like being a dairy farmer. He then showed us how to milk a cow and a few of us plucked up the courage to have a go! 

We enjoyed a super game of ten pin bowling with everyone getting into the competitive spirit! 

We ended our holiday with a blast by stopping off at Tropical Wings. It was just like a tropical zoo and there were so many species of birds, including Macaws, Cassowaries and even funny talking parrots!    We also saw hundreds of butterflies with all their enchanting patterns.

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