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Austria, Sound of Music Tour with Derek, Jon & Isobel

  Austria, Sound of Music Tour  

Our Sound of Music Tour was  amazing!  It was incredible to visit the locations where the film was shot all those years ago.We visited the famous gazebo where Liesl sings "16 going on 17" and of course the enchanted gardens that lead us toward the beautiful abbey.

The highlights or our tour was visiting the church where Maria & the Baron got married. It is such an impressive and beautiful church. 

We took an exciting ride on the cable to the top of the mountain. The views all around us were breathtaking. Once at the top we looked across the mountain ranges and spotted many more mountains. We had a nice lunch in the restaurant as we marvelled at the scenery all around. We watched paragliders in the sky, soaring like birds! 

We visited Krimml where we took pictures with the impressive waterfall, the biggest in Europe! we all marvelled at the power, noise & the spray coming from the water as it dropped from so high up. As it was sunny the spray and sun together gave us a rainbow!

 In Bad Gastein we took pictures by another thunderous waterfall and wandered around some delightful little shops. 

At Zell am See we took an exciting boat trip on the lake. Once arrived at destination we enjoy wandering around the market and found some great gifts and souvenirs. We then got back aboard the ferry and crossed back over the lake. 

Our evenings were spent in lovely typical restaurants where we ate tasty local cuisine. We also went to the local harvest festival where we listened to traditional music and watched the young
Austrian boys give a cracking demonstration.

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