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Las Vegas, Live Shows & Grand Canyon with Phil & Pat

Las Vegas, Live Shows & Grand Canyon

Bursting with excitement we arrived in sunny Las Vegas and couldn't wait to go out and explore the sights.

At the Venetian Hotel we went on a gondola ride which actually went through the hotel! Can you imagine how big these hotels are, this one had a river running through it!!

We went inside the Bellagio hotel where we visited the shops and their fantastic casino. Richard tried 5 dollars in the fruit machines and got 25 back after just 5 spins! 

On our way to the Hoover Dam we drove into the Arizona desert and stopped for breakfast at Lake Mead. The Hoover Dam is an amazing place to visit with stunning views of the Colorado River and the dam itself. This site was in the neighbouring Nevada desert. So two places in two different deserts! 

We went to see the Legends show. It was exceptional with the highlights being Michael Jackson and Prince. We all loved it and danced and sang along for the all evening. It’s true what they say, the best shows are in Vegas!!!

During our stay we saw some incredible buildings and were amazed at the  original architecture and astonishing height!

One of the most amazing sights for us all was the Grand Canyon. The scenery and views were breathtaking! Such a massive place it really makes you feel insignificant. We took at least a million pictures!  

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