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Butlins, Fun & Dancing with Derek & Paula

  Butlins, Fun & Dancing  

We went to the funfair and started off with the carousel and some brave souls went onto the Waltzer. It’s not a ride for the feint hearted! We also had a go on the go-karts and sped around the course.


Another day we went to play mini-golf. We obtained our putters and tried our luck on the course.

We went inside to play on the amusements and spent some pennies in the 2p machines. It’s amazing how much fun and also how long you can make your pennies last!

We visited the seal sanctuary. This was a fabulous experience. We got up close to the seals and the penguins. We watched as they were being fed as they zoomed around in the water chasing fish. In the butterfly house they were butterflies flying all around us. There were also alpacas, rare breeds of sheep and turkeys.

One afternoon we went to play ten pin bowling. As usual everyone tried their best to get a strike! Well done all for some excellent scores! 

There was amazing entertainment throughout the week!  We all loved the wonderful pantomime, Aladdin Rocks and of course the famous Red Coat Party Dances. We danced the night away to the fabulous live music from Honeypies. 

The highlight of our last evening was to dance with the Red Coats and even to get the odd hug! What a great end to our lovely week!

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