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Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country with Netty & Wendy

Yorkshire Dales, TV Soap Country
After a beautiful drive across the moors we arrive in Gothland where it's all about the "Heartbeat" series. We visited Scripp's garage, "Aidensfield Arms" pub and saw the original police car. 

At the wonderful cheese factory we tasted some delicious cheese which was made there. We even got to watch a demonstration of how cheese is made which was interesting. 

We visited “The Woolpack” pub in Esholt, the original Emmerdale pub. We enjoyed a drink in the pub and got to see loads of pictures of the famous cast, past and present which was amazing! 

On our train journey everyone sat back and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We stopped for lunch in a pretty tea room overlooking the dales before making our way to Botlon Abbey. We wandered around the Abbey and its ruins before a relaxing stroll along the River Wharfe. 

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