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Summer Delight - Sea, Sand & Attractions with Pat, Jon & Phil

Summer Delight - Sea, Sand & Attractions

What a fantastic time we had during our holiday. Our evenings were packed full of fun and laughter. Every night we watched different entertainment shows with a lot of singing and dancing!  

We spent an entire day at the zoo and everyone loved seeing all the animals. They had the biggest array of animals in the South West!

We went on an incredible train journey that took us through stunning scenery as we chugged along. We all loved this fantastic day!

The views out across the ocean were beautiful! We enjoyed leisurely walk by the sea front. It was so relaxing to by the water. 

 At the Farm we had a fab day learning all about the animals. We all had the chance to bottle feed the baby lamb! What a great experience!

We enjoyed spending time on the amusement where a few pennies were spent! We also had great games of ten pin bowling!

We visited the model village at Babbacombe. We also visited the breathtaking Buckfast Abbey and spent a all afternoon at the “Bygones”, a fabulous place that transported us 100 years back in time to the reign of Queen Victoria. 

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