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Germany & The Moselle River with Wendy, Tini & Derek

 Germany & The Moselle River 

What an amazing time we had in Germany, we visited so many beautiful places.

  On the Mosselle we boarded a boat that took us up the river to the town of Bernkastel Kues. On our journey we cruised by many picturesque villages which were surrounded by vineyards. Once we arrived in Bernkastel we walked around the quaint cobbled streets admiring the beautifully restored buildings.

We boarded a coach that took us to Saarschleife. Once there we had a breathtaking view of the river. To create this beautiful curve it took millions of years for the Sarre to cut its way into the rock and create a natural phenomenon.

We boarded a cable car for an exciting ride which took us up to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress. There we had stunning views across the city, it was a great spot to look out where The Rhine and The Mosselle rivers meet. We walked around the beautiful restored fortress with is impressive walls then returned back down in the cable car. It was a great day out in a lovely city! 

We went to visit the historical Roman city of Trier, reported to be the oldest city in Germany. We visited the famous Porta Nigra, the stunning Trier Cathedral and many more fascinating buildings and charming streets. It was so interesting! We also did a bit of shopping for gifts
 and souvenirs. 

At the Eifelpark for wildlife we wandered around looking at all the animals, deer, wallabies, meerkats and many more. We also saw an amazing bird of prey display that included an eagle owl, harris hawk, peregrine falcon and a bald headed eagle. We loved the huge browns bears and saw the wolves being fed, which was amazing!

We truly had a fantastic time in Germany. The weather was so good all week our evenings were spent watching great entertainment and of course a lot of dancing and singing under the stars! 

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