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The Wonders of the Isle of Wight with Steve, Michaela & Netty

The Wonders of the Isle of Wight

We were full of excitement as we set off through the stunning New Forest. We set sail from Lymington to Yarmouth in the glorious sunshine and the crossing was calm and lovely. We Arrived at the beautiful North Grange and checked into our lovely rooms!

Wow! What glorious sunshine we woke to on each day! We were all very excited to board the minibus after breakfast as we were going to do a mystery tour of the island. The first stop was Alum Bay where we marvelled at the view across Needles. We went into the sand crafting shop and all made models filled with beautiful different coloured sands.

 Our visit to the glass blowing factory was fantastic. We watched the glass and vases being made which is amazing to experience! It was eye opening to watch the experts at work and see what they can create from glass - such diversity! 

We spent an afternoon at the  Model Village which everyone agreed was a fantastic experience! It was magical to walk around, with everything scaled down to such a small size. We all felt like giants! 

On one beautiful day we went to the Seaview Wildlife Park. We were greeted by lots of geese and ducks who were very friendly! 
We went on the Wallaby Walkabout and saw all the babies which fantastic to see.

Our evenings were filled with a range of fantastic shows which ranged from the 50's through to Musicals and of course the live bands playing. This was the perfect opportunity for us to show off our brilliant dance moves! Everyone enjoyed the singing and dancing each evening and was a wonderful way to end our busy days exploring. 

What a cracking holiday with wonderful memories to take home with us. We cant wait to come back!

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