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Painting & Drawing in France with Derek & Pat - July 2011

Another fantastic week at Sorrus! We had the luxury of a fabulous gite for the second year running. The art sessions that are run by Peter Wyatt are really worthwhile and very enjoyable. Everyone, including Pat, managed to paint their own style on canvas of a vase of flowers. As you can see, same subject, but with an individual stamp on each one! Well done to all. I’m sure that they will be hung on an appropriate wall for the appreciation of all. Excellent work!! As it was themed as an art holiday, we even managed to visit an art show in St Valery, where Bruce was more than miffed that we were only painting a bunch of flowers hahaha
As usual the rest of our holiday varied from day to day. We had a lovely picnic by the river in Beussent, where Eugennie decided to test the water for temperature, which I can assure you was not too warm! Naturally a visit to the chocolate factory was called for......if only they would shut the doors for a few hours!!
We played table tennis at home, where Bruce was a marvellous ball boy for Pat & Eugennie. As the weather was fine we managed three evenings with the BBQ. Several times we ate out and enjoyed the local restaurants, with their great hospitality.
Back at home, when the weather was less than sunny, we even played a couple of games of scrabble. I must remember not to play with Pat & Trisha, as their home rules are different to mine....hence, I lost!
On another day we visited the aquarium in Boulogne. It is fantastic. We spent quite a few happy hours there and watched the seals getting fed as well as seeing the penguins. Bruce managed to stroke a ray and we all thoroughly enjoyed the displays of marine life.
We visited the coast at Hardelot and also at Le Touquet. We bumped into our friends Laurence with his family and their new puppy....a Cockerdoodle. How lovely was that!!!
Travelling through the villages was wonderful too, as they have the most wonderful flower beds. They are rated for their blooms. As usual we managed to make plenty of stops for ice creams & drinks at cafes along the way.
On the way home we visited the market at Le Touquet before heading for our usual spot at the Brasserie on board ship.
It was a really good week and our thanks go not only to Eugennie, Trisha & Bruce for being such good company, but also to Peter for his enthusiasm and skill in showing us all how we can all create a painting to be proud of.

Derek & Pat

Cheers. It's almost time to say goodbye.

Our last stop in Le Touquet market before hitting the homeward bound journey.

Tickled pink!

Pick up a penguin......

Feeding time.

There's something fishy around here.....

Our beautiful gite.

Four very satisfied artists!!

Nearly the finished articles.

Now, do I need to add anything else to my masterpiece??

Midway stage

Mmmmmmm.....not just one, but two chocolate eclairs!

Now, why didn't we have a model to paint??

Ok, so what do we do next??

Chocolate heaven!!!!

Not a bad place to work.....plenty of chocs

Anyone for table tennis?

One of several BBQ's

It's a do do

Brrrrr......that was cold!

First night out

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