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Germany & The Moselle River with Darren, Phillip & Tracey

 Germany & The Moselle River 

The sun was shining off of the Moselle river as our tour boat glided through the water. The region is the most significant wine growing area in Germany where there are vineyards setback for miles and miles. The views were breath taking.

We strolled through the beautiful cobbled streets full of gingerbread looking houses, adorned with flowers of all colours which was truly beautiful. We stumbled across the narrow house called the Spitzhausen, dating back to the 1416. 

 The competitive side soon came out as we hit the bowling alley. We tired our hardest to knock the pins down. Wayne’s team won by 94 points! We all cheered with excitement.

Every evening we looked forward to the live entertainment. ‘Chapeau Bas’ had our hearts racing as they performed daring tricks from fire throwing to fire juggling on a unicycle. The stunts were truly incredible and had us on the edge of our seats. 

Like intrepid explorers, we went around the dinosaur park trying to name each dinosaur. 
We were taken back through time to see how life would have been like in the Jurassic era. It was just like being in the film Jurassic Park as some of the dinosaurs looked quite freighting and lifelike! 

A day was spent in Saarland, which is the largest forested state situated along the French boarder. We took a leisurely stroll visiting the Basilica Saarbrucken which is a stunning Catholic Church. The church had been destroyed and restored several times and the interior had been redesigned between 1972 and 1975. The chapel was beautiful with such stunning stained-glass windows and intricate interior. It was truly amazing. 

We loved splashing around and practising our swimming when we weren't out sightseeing. It was the perfect way to relax. 

We were an active bunch and loved mastering the traditional German game Sjoelbak, which is known as shuffleboard in English. We laughed our way round the challenging but fun Crazy Golf course. Pauline once again was a natural and got a hole in one on a par 3! 

It wouldn't be a Jolly Holiday without treating ourselves to an ice cream or two! 

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