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Exmoor Activity Centre with Roger & Netty

 Exmoor Activity Centre 
Our first challenge of the week was crate stacking. Working well as a team, although a little wobbly at times, we managed an impressive 9 crates tall before the tower collapsed.

Harnessed up and ready to conquer the abseiling wall before whizzing down the zip wire at great speed! Everyone faced these challenges with bravery and huge smiles on their faces.

We improved our archery skills with a fun afternoon competing against each other. Everyone cheered as some hit the bulls-eye!

We headed over to the stables and got kitted out for our horse riding morning. We all took turns at walking, trotting, stopping and turning. We got really good at handling the horses and became really confident riders

Taking Pilgrim, a miniature Shetland pony for a walk around the grounds was a highlight of the day. Look how cute he is!

A perfect day to spend on the lake. With the sun shinning and the water so calm we played a variety of games whilst on our little sailing boats. We stopped for tea and cake on an island in the middle of the lake. We all got the hang of canoeing quite quickly. We had a brilliant time racing each other around the lake.

How could you not enjoy a bike ride around the lake with the most breath taking views. We all got to choose our own bikes and we cycled for miles through the forest in the
glorious autumnal sunshine.We certainly earned our dinner that night! 

An afternoon of team building games really tested our communication skills. We were blindfolded and had to hold onto a rope whilst the leader of the line had to direct us over and through different obstacles. A very fun but tricky game! Toasting delicious marshmallow on the campfire was the perfect way to end a fantastic, active holiday.

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