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❆ Austria - Learn to Ski with Derek & Wendy ❆

❄❅❆ Austria - Learn to Ski ❄❅❆

We arrived at our hotel in the pretty village of Russbach. There was so much snow everywhere we couldn’t wait to get on the slopes.
At the sport shop we got kitted out with our ski equipment, got our ski passes and then met our skiing instructors. 

 This was Andy’s fourth year and Ben's second year skiing with us and they very quickly got their ski legs back and were looking very confident. 

The snow conditions were amazing, there was no wind and not a cloud in the sky!

 Andy's and Ben's confidence was improving all the time and by the end of the trip both showed great progress.

As usual we met up for lunch at the top of the gondola in the Gogosau Restaurant. Here we enjoyed a delicious lunch and had a chance to discuss our morning’s adventures before returning to the slopes to continue the tuition.

We enjoyed the spectacular views surrounding us, especially from the gondola.

 All too soon our last day on the slopes had arrived but as usual we made the most of every minute and as the snow conditions were so perfect it couldn’t have been better. At lunchtime, our instructors, Thomas and Stephan, joined us for lunch. It was interesting to ask them about their life in the beautiful country of Austria.

 We all had a fantastic time on the slopes and both Andy and Ben had shown great improvement in such a short space of time and they both hope to return with us next year to continue with their skiing adventures.


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