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Turkey & Tinsel with Darren & Isobel

  Turkey & Tinsel  

Our evenings were packed full of incredible shows! We all loved the pantomime Jack & The Beanstalk, it was very entertaining. We also danced to live band and disco until late. We all enjoyed amazing party every night!

 We had fun at the ballroom for the pop choir practise and after a few warm up exercises we learned the words to the Christmas song 'Sleigh Ride'. We then went for a dance class where we learned 3 different line dances and after a shaky start we all managed to master them and thoroughly enjoyed this class it was a lot of fun.

We had a few great games of bowling, with everyone doing their best to get strikes.

 At the games room we had a fantastic time where we took turns to play pool, darts, table tennis and indoor curling.

 Our New Years Eve Party was incredible! After a delicious dinner we all sang Auld Lang Syne and let the party poppers off whilst the balloons fell down from above!

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