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Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside with Steve & Michaela

Norfolk - Boats, Trains & Seaside

We boarded on the steam train called the Black Prince. The journey took us along the Norfolk coastline to the seaside town of Sheringham where we spent several hours browsing around the market and shops before boarding the Black Prince once again for our return to Holt.

We had a cracking time at then pin bowling and some great scores were made.

On a beautiful sunny day we went out sailing on Barton broad. It was the perfect weather for sailing and all agreed it was a fantastic experience.

As the weather was so good, one evening we decided to have a barbecue and also baked cookies for desert.

We boarded the Nancy B, a beautiful cabin cruiser.  We spent all day exploring the Broads. Everybody took a turn at steering the boat.
At the end of such a great day, we all earned a captains certificate for the boating skills. 

What a fantastic week with an amazing group this has been!!!

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