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Norfolk Broads & Seaside with John & Pat

"Anchors Awaaaaay!" We were all raring to go for our super holiday to the Norfolk Broads! 
Set right on Barton Broad, we loved our cosy little bungalow.  A stones throw from the water, our home for the week was comfortable and spacious.
We spent a delightfully warm morning sailing on the broads, trying our hand at steering the boat - we were almost pro's by the end of it!  We spotted a vast array of local wildlife, from feeding herons, harriers and grebes to ducks, swans and dragonflies!
We had lots of fun on our motor cruiser and our instructor was very friendly.  We all got a chance to steer the boat - well done to all for your brilliant efforts!
Canoeing was a firm favourite, with everyone really getting to grips with rowing all at the same time.  What fun we had trying to get ahead of each other! 
We spent an amazing evening at the Greyhound Racing at Great Yarmouth.  We clapped and cheered with all our might as they flew past us with great speed!  A game of ten pin bowling sent our competitive streaks soaring.  Some brilliant scores were achieved!
Our beautiful steam train ride from Holt to Sheringham wrapped us up in an atmosphere of bygone days.  It was wonderful to have a ride on such an old train, chugging through the countryside.   We waved as we went by, looking out over the blue sea.  When we reached Sheringham, we wandered leisurely around the seaside town, dipping into some charming little shops.
Our relaxed boardwalk nature trail allowed us to spot more stunning wildlife, including beautifully coloured butterflies.  We listened to the lovely little tunes the birds were singing. 
We spent an afternoon in Wroxham Barns, where we got to pet the most gorgeous one week old chicks. We fell in love with them in an instant!  We fed the baby calves, goats and donkeys.  They were very friendly animals and seemed most happy to see us!
What a wonderful holiday we had - we'll come again thank you!

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