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Butlins, Fun & Disco with Steve & Michaela

Overflowing with excitement, we all met up and made our way to Butlins!  We ate lunch at a delightful country pub on the way down and chatted enthusiastically about the holiday ahead!
Our holiday was packed full of wonderful things, including fun and games in the glorious sunshine on the beach!  We strolled leisurely along the prom, eating ice creams as we went. One afternoon, we saw some wonderful horses on the beach and we got to pet them and have our pictures taken with them.  they were really friendly and seemed to like us!
 We had an amazing time at the funfair, braving some of the whirling, twirling rides!  Everybody loved the Carousel, waving as they went round on the lovely proud horses.  We played in the amusement arcades, collecting our tickets for some smashing prizes!  We tried our hands at crazy golf - everyone loved trying to get a hole-in-one! 
We spent our evenings showing off our moves on the dance floor, dancing along to The Beatles, Freddie Mercury, Michael Buble and The Drifters. We sang and clapped along to the ones we knew and on more than one occasion we were the last off the dance floor!
What a cracking holiday it was!

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