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Las Vegas with Colin & Pat

With a whopping big 'whooooosh' our plane took off with lots of excited holiday makers on board!  After our very comfortable journey we were brimming with anticipation as we made our way to our fantastic hotel.  Everyone was surprised at how large it was and even more surprised at the size of the rooms and luxurious bathrooms!  Delighting in the glitz and glam of 'The Strip' we took in the sights and sounds and absorbed the vibrant atmosphere!  We had a truly fabulous start to our awesome holiday! 
Our holiday was packed full of exciting adventures that bought our senses to life and broadened our minds!  We visited the impressive Hoover Dam, driving through the amazing desert in our huge air conditioned bus which was ours for the week.  No one could believe the size of the construction and we were all interested in the history behind it. It was truly breath taking! 
On another day we drove through the Arizona desert to reach The Grand Canyon.  Everyone agreed that it was the most incredible sight!  We saw Native American tepees, cattle, birds of prey and chipmunks. The memory of that will last us a lifetime!
There is a permanent feeling of carnival in Las Vegas and we were intoxicated by everything that was happening around us.  We saw Harley bikes and stretch limos, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Hello Kitty, Darth Vader, dancing girls and many more famous people!   We went inside a Venetian hotel and gazed in awe at our surroundings.  We enjoyed a drink whilst watching the gondolas meander around the waterways within the hotel. 
We saw a number of amazing shows throughout our holiday, including a Beegee's and Tina Turner tribute band.  We went to Freemont Drive in old town Las Vegas which was a great experience with all the lights and sounds!  We were treated to lots of street entertainers - how did that man sit in the air without anything holding him up?!  We also saw tiny chapels alight covered in flowers with folks getting married.
We had a lovely swimming pool at our hotel and we spent a day relaxing and dipping in and out whenever we fancied.  We devoured a lot of really fantastic food and all agreed that some of it was the best we had ever tasted!  Our holiday was one we will never forget, leaving us feeling refreshed, invigorated and full of life!

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