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Norfolk Broads & Seaside with Derek, Faye & Jim

On our way to our bungalow accommodation directly on the broad, we popped into a country pub and lunched in the sunshine. When we arrived at our bungalow, we unpacked and went for a walk along the broad-walk, which allowed us to walk over the marshes and see the wildlife close at hand. We had great views over the water and learnt about the animals that live all around us. Then it was off to Wroxham for dinner in a restaurant that overlooked the broads. After dinner we had a walk around Wroxham and then went for a drink in a local pub before returning home.
After a full breakfast we drove to the horse and donkey sanctuary and enjoyed getting up close to the animals. We took a tractor & trailer ride, listening to our guide, as we fed the animals. We went back to the broads and quickly made sandwiches for our picnic as we went onto a cruiser for an afternoon trip along the rivers. We were lucky enough to see some otters. Also we took it in turns to steer the boat. That night, after dinner, we went ten pin bowling and really enjoyed the experience.
The following day we set off to Holt to ride on the steam train to Sherringham. Once there we walked down the high street to the sea. Unfortunately as the weather wasn’t too nice we decided to walk back to the station and return on the steam train. Back at Holt we were lucky enough to be allowed up on the “plate” and we could dream of being the engine driver! On our way home we stopped off to see an art exhibition of paintings, drawings and pottery all done by adults with LD. It really was very good. Many actually exhibit all over the world! That evening we went to Yarmouth to watch the greyhound racing. It was great fun and we all managed to get a winner (except Derek), so it was great fun. After the racing we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.
On the next day we went sailing and we all had the chance at the tiller. The wind was just right and we got up a fair pace of knots. After lunch we canoed in specially stabilised vessels and earned our dinner that night. After dinner we went ten pin bowling again and also played pool and had fun in the arcade.
Our last full day was spent on an all day river cruise and we had a go at steering the boat as we were now accomplished drivers......we had a picnic and stopped off for a drink along the way. We even got an ice cream boat pull up aside and we all indulged! Once back at base we relaxed and then got ready for dinner that night in a very nice pub on the banks of the river. It was a lovely way to end off our fabulous holiday.
The last day was here and we got packed up and set off for a ride through the beautiful countryside and took a lunch break in yet another pub before saying our farewells. We had made some new friends and met old ones too. It was a very good experience all round.
Thank you all for making this another jolly holiday!
Derek, Faye & Jim         

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