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Tenerife with Colin & Wendy

Everyone looked forward to a week of winter sun as we set off for Tenerife from Gatwick airport and fortunately no one was disappointed. After arriving at Tenerife's Southern airport it was just a short drive to our hotel in Los Christianos.
Everyone was pleased with our spacious rooms at the hotel and the dining room not only offered a good time frame for us to attend breakfast and dinner but also the choice of food was excellent.....something for everyone.
We spent the week keeping pretty active with short walks to the sea front, refreshments in a number of different bars and taking time to relax around the hotel pool.
One of our trips out included a boat trip to see the pilot whales and dolphins that swim past the Island and for all of us it was a great sight to see the whales swimming alongside the boat. On the way back in we were also delighted to spot dolphins as well.
We hired a minibus for a couple of days and ventured out into the mountains to first take in the amazing sights of Tenerifes notorious volcano, Teide and then we drove to a little village called Masca, high in the mountains beyond Los Gigantes that is only accessed by a very narrow winding road......Amazing scenery !!!
On another day we spent our time in the Jungle Park, which claims to be the only jungle in Europe. We had a great time watching the bird shows and seeing many animals, including Leopards, jaguars pumas and 2 very rare white lions.
A couple of evenings we went into the main street of Los Christianos and Las Americas but most nights we enjoyed the varied entertainment that was performed at our hotel.
The perfect weather that we had just made the whole week go much too fast and non of us were keen to return to wet and windy England.

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