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Greek Islands - Cyprus May 2011 with Derek & Roni

We had a great start with a fantastic flight on Cyprus airways.
Our hotel was really very nice with a brilliant, safe pool. We managed to spend a lot of time swimming and playing volleyball. It was great fun and Grahame managed to play a good game. Richard braved the water and allowed Derek to help him enjoy a supported swim. His face was a picture! He was very brave.
The food was excellent and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening’s entertainment. The two shows that stood out were the karaoke evening, which got Mark a standing ovation after his performance, and also Grahame after his impression of Bob Marley, which was quite brilliant!! The fire show was very impressive and amazed us all. Grahame joined in the bingo session one evening and he won the jackpot of the night....that paid for a few more presents!
The hotel was very near the beach and we walked along the prom and enjoyed the sunshine. The main entertainment strip was within a couple of minutes and you could find us there in another karaoke bar or dance club on other nights. Wendy & Mary joined in the fun and gave us all a lesson in singing & dancing. We enjoyed late nights and found time to relax during the day.
We took a day trip to the Troodos Mountains and enjoyed the beautiful sights. It was a long day but worth the effort. We especially liked the village of Omodos, which is in the wine growing area. We sampled some local fortified wine and bought some presents, including some lovely lace work.
Shopping gave us a good excuse to go to Ayia Napa. It actually is a very nice place, even though it is known as the party capital of the island. We had a lovely ice cream there too.
It was very hard to leave our hotel, along with all the friends we made there. I don’t think we managed to walk very far before getting into conversations with other holiday makers (mainly due to Grahame’s friendly manner). It was always two steps forward and one step back hahaha.
Our thanks go to Mary, Wendy, Mark, Grahame and Richard for helping make the holiday special.

Derek & Roni

Karaoke (1)

Karaoke (2)

Bob Marley

It's my ball......

Night fever

More karaoke

Fantastic fire show!

Wine tasting

Local art work

A beautiful church

Bread tasting

Don't look down

Hotel dining

Swimming session

Relaxing by the pool

Any one for volleyball

Our lovely beach

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